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October 25, 2006
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Arising Adventure by Hardedge-Maelstrom Arising Adventure by Hardedge-Maelstrom
Hehe, giving titles to drawings is fun :P anyway, Dofus is actually screwing me over, i'm so addicted to it @_@ i actually managed to finish a span of 4 months, and i still have to finish up the kiribans >.< *sigh* ugh, please ignore the rushed painting, i just needed to finish it, couldn't stand looking at it anymore ^^; although it turned out a lot better when i lowered the resolution, so meh :P

"Arising Adventure" 2006 Colin Tan Wei.
Dofus is 2003-2006 Ankama Studios. All Rights Reserved.
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indeed indeed it looks great!
who cares if its rushed, it looks grrrreat! :D :XD:
I smell adventure! x3
SO COOL! Love it. Lots of action and a very nice composition. Wonderful colors, too.
valenior Apr 13, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
lol great job , dofus rocks!
Tis an arising adventure. It happens from time to time. Thou ventures with thy party, usually just strolling, when thou encounters a vicious beast. The challenge was unexpected, but there is no way thou shalt turn it down. Accepting the offer to dance the waltz of battle, thy group brandishes their weapons. The beast flashes its teeth. There is a moment of silence, and then both sides charge. A new adventure has arisen. It begins now.

Wow. This caught my eye as I was browsing the vast art-scape that is deviantArt. As a small thumbnail, it looked kinda meh, but now that I see it, enlarged, I can say that this is a nice piece. And I can definitely see the Dofus similarities, and that's a beneficial thing, in my eyes.

Keep up the good work.
SAB-CA Jan 8, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
The character movement here really helps bring the picture some life! Your sense of color has always been good, so no suprise there. Makes me think of a banner for any good ole MMORPG style game!
evasive Nov 6, 2006
Wow, that's really well done! Good job! :D
cool, but die Dofus! take to much time away from me spending time with my friends... i sware if you become like doug i'll blow the server up, lol
Hardedge-Maelstrom Oct 30, 2006  Student Digital Artist
nebar like doug xD but actually doug doesn't play as much anymore, it's your brother Josh!!!!@_@ at least we still play bball after school on friday :P
hahaha, true!
DragonDarkFire Oct 28, 2006   Traditional Artist
absolutely gorgeous.
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